Page Flip Pages are blurry or slow (Please Help! been working for HOURS)

So I have a page flip book and I have run into 2 problems. I’m trying to import a pdf so I’ve converted to AI and png to try this.

I import AI files and the text and everything shows up great, but the animation is so slow that it is completely pointless.


I import as png and the animation works perfect, but the images are blurry. The only thing I noticed is my PNG’s are clear if they are on the top level of my flash project, but once inside a movieclip they are bitmapped and blurry. I don’t have any filters or masks on these movieclips either.

I’ve been working on this forever and tried everything. If anyone has any knowledge to speed up the animation or why my png’s are getting blurry in movie clips please help!! Thanks so much in advance!