Pan & Zoom issue (AS2)

Hi guys,

Just wondered if you could help me…

I’ve created a site map as an MC which is bigger than the stage (1900px x 1900px MC on a 950px x 650px stage) which is navigated by a panning system. This all works fine using this code (AS2):

var w = Stage.width * 2;
var h = Stage.height * 2;

image_mc.onMouseMove = move;

function move ()
    var xpercent = _xmouse / Stage.width;
    var ypercent = _ymouse / Stage.height;
    this._x = (Stage.width - this._width) * xpercent;
    this._y = (Stage.height - this._height) * ypercent;
    updateAfterEvent ();

That part of it works fine and I’m happy with it (although I’d like it to “ease” but I’ll maybe come back to that).

What I want to achieve now is that when the mouse is outside of the movie, the MC zooms out to show the whole of it and when you rollover, it zooms into 100%.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.