Panning question [renamed]

can any one help me in making a image and button pan simultaneously
i’m using a movie clip with the instance name img and the image is place in this movie clipand than i have placed the movie clip on 1 seperate layer
and this action script on another layer (given below)

img.onPress = fuction () {
img.onRelease = function () {
stopDrag ();

this work well for panning the image , but if i want to implement a created button above this image and want that this button should also pan with this image simultaneously, so what should i do to achive this thing .
what i have tried is putting the button inside the movie clip which consist of image, the result is that the button is panning with the image as it’s in side the movie clip , but the button is not working .
plz help me out to achive this thing . it’s URGENT
U can also mail me at [email protected]