Papervision3D: Camera and Interactivity Questions

Hey everyone, I’m developing this company’s web-site and I got pretty ambitious as to how the main nav will look like. I have some really basic knowledge of papervision3d and I hope someone can help me through some ideas that I have.

I have three main icons that I developed in 3D, I’ll later export them as Collada files and place them on the stage, I’ve tested that and it works. Now here’s a quick snap-shot of the comp I created showing how they will be positioned on the stage:

Question 1: I wanted to have the camera slightly orbit around the objects as the user moves the mouse around the site. This orbiting would only be horizontal and only to the extent that would make each element centered instead of totally going around the objects. I’m looking for something subtle and simple.
So as the user mouse’s over the left side of the screen, the camera orbits to the right, and when the mouse is moving towards the right side of the browser the camera orbits to the left. Can anyone help me out with this one?

Question 2: I’ve been trying to add separate interactivity to the file I’m testing out with 3 little squares but I can’t seem to make it work. What I’m looking to achieve is that when the user rolls over one element the other two fade and blur out. My problem resides in the fact that apparently the fading and blurring only works if I assign those filters to the viewport as opposed to assigning them to each object. Meaning:, 1, {alpha:0.7, blurFilter:{blurX:15, blurY:15, quality:2}}); - THIS WORKS, 1, {alpha:0.7, blurFilter:{blurX:15, blurY:15, quality:2}}); - THIS DOESN’T

Why is that? Either way how can I create separate mouse events for each of the 3 different objects? Do I have to create 3 separate viewports? How do I assign each object to each viewport? Alternatives?

Thanks in advance for your help or any reply,

PS: I just noticed that I posted this in the Advanced section. I was searching for a similar post and I guess I finished it up on the Advanced section and I created the topic there. Sorry about that.