Parachute game

I will post a little blurb tomorrow- right now I have a major headeache and i seriously need some sleep.

Ok… this game took a maximum of 5 days to make, from when I realized that the contest did not actually end on the sixth. I didn’t design the levels- I did draw them, but someone else helped me design them (she also helped drawing the player). The hardest part was the bug-whacking (of course)…
There are still bugs- I wont point them out though, thats your job!
[/edit] :nerd: :nerd:

i like it!

Yes! I completed all the levels :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice game, like the concept :thumb:

Maybe center the swf or something?

Like this one!

The radar (some kind of radar) should be in the game from the beginning … to let new players get a chance.

Hmm- that might be a good idea. I would have implemented at least an altimeter, but by the time I remembered to do that I didn’t have any time. I will probably implement that along with enemies (that shoot from the ground) if/when I make another version.
I’m really glad you all like it :disco:

Enemies? Lol, that was unexpected :stuck_out_tongue:
Then you should also make the guy be able to buy bombs or sumfin :bad:

its cool - I like the guy’s movement.

But, is it just me or is it when you try again you do the first level over and then jump back up to the last level you completed before you lost beforehand? bug?

Hmm- that is a bug. Ill check it out. And I was thinking of letting you buy guns and stuff if I implement enemies.

Wow, this was fun, the most useful powerup being the radar of course…
You should take like 2 hours to make double the amount of levels in which to play, since your maps aren’t generated but hand-created (unless I’m wrong and it takes you only 2 minutes of coding and voila you generate a level, but that would impress me)

Nice game, but the end of the levels are a bit abrupt :stuck_out_tongue:

i like it, i think it will rock once you add on to it

They are hand-drawn- generating something like it with code would be pretty impressive, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone do it.