Parse XML and display as dynamic text

Hi, I’m following the awesome Kirupa tutorial here: and am having trouble parsing the data and displaying it in a dynamic textbox.

The XML doc loads and I can output the trace showing all values (i.e. a list of 20 siteNames), but the textbox only displays the last siteName from the XML.

This is my code:
var xmlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
var xmlData:XML = new XML();

xmlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, LoadXML);

xmlLoader.load(new URLRequest(“file:///C:/Documents and Settings/seetr/My Documents/Rhoda Flash/mapTest.xml”));

function LoadXML(e:Event):void {
xmlData = new XML(;

function parseRegions(regionInput:XML):void {
trace(“XML Output”);
var siteList:XMLList =;
for each (var siteElement:XML in siteList){
regionText.text = siteElement;

Thanks for any help! :thumb: