Parse xml nodes into movieclips

Good Monday morning to everyone. Here’s what I’m trying to do…

I want to be able to load any type of xml file into my actionscript and have each node parsed into corresponding empty movieclips with the proper depth and nesting. So childNodes would be empty movieclips inside the parent node movieclip and so on. For example:

xml file:

		 <movieGrandchild1>Text here maybe...</movieGrandchild1>
	 <movieChild2>Some text here too...</movieChild2>

Output in movie clips:
[movie1_mc [movieChild1_mc [movieGrandchild1_mc [text]]] [movieChild2_mc [text]]]

Sorry, that is probably not the best diagram but hopefully you’ll get what I mean. I’d like for any type of xml setup and node names to be used. Any help on this would be great.:thumb: Maybe I missed a good tutorial somewhere that already does this.