Parsing web services arrays

Hi all

Im new to web services and have a (probably very easy) problem when it comes to displaying results. I am able to get results in strings to show, but as soon as I try and get results that come through an array I am struggling to find the correct syntax to show the results. The web service is a dictionary, and I am sending it a predefined word and trying to get a definition back from it.

The schma is as shown:

<-- results:WordDefinition (object)
<-- Definitions:ArrayOfDefinition (array)
<-- [n]: Definition (object)
<-- WordDefinition:String (string)

my current code is:


result_btn.onPress = function() {

var stockservice = new WebService(“”,stockServiceLog);

stockResultObj = stockservice.Define(“fair”);
stockservice.onLoad = trace(“loading”);

stockResultObj.onResult = function(result) {

trace("word: "+result.Definitions.WordDefinition);

stockResultObj.onFault = function(fault) {

stockServiceLog = new Log(Log.VERBOSE);
stockServiceLog.onLog = function(txt) {

For "trace("word: “+result.Definitions.WordDefinition);” I have tried various variations of Definitions[n].WordDefinition, Definitions[“fair”].WordDefinition, Definitions[fair].WordDefinition
But all produce the result of word: undefined.

Would really like the result to be placed into a variable/array.

Cheers Ash