ok… so I’m willing to admit that I’m stumped again. We have discussed a little problem, and I have been looking into it. I can’t seem to find a way to make the parsInt(); command work.\rI am receiving variables from a php remember… so it’s online and coming in as rows=“3”. I can see this variable in my movie using text fields. I’m using\rrows=parsInt(rows);\rto change the string to a number. If one uses a script localy, such as a text file to load the variables, it works fine. The pars sets rows=3. If we upload the flash, using a php instead of the text file, from a server, the parsInt command doesn’t work.\r\rWhat new insites can anyone give me. My guestbook is completed except for this one flaw… and I’m rather greedy to get it online and working. Any consideration is much appreciated, as always.

you know… I guess I can really do this differently anyway.\r\ra loop to detect the number of variables is not all that difficult to do. I could even split the string up and parsInt the last digit of the string, but a simple division by the number of variables (I already know how many columns each row has)\r\rI’d still be interested in figuring out why that doesn’t work, but at least I have a work around for the problem.