Passing Data <> Flash/PHP

i am trying to integrate falsh and php and make an ecard so i tried the brief but straightforward tutorial by Jubs… i am a PHP newbie so bear with me…

the script calls the php document but the info contained in the text input boxes are not being passed. i have tried this on my development server thinking mayber i dont have php setup properly and on a live server which i know is setup correctly…

// Receiving the variables.
$name = $_POST[‘name’];
$age = $_POST[‘age’];
$eye = $_POST[‘eye’];
// Printing out the variables.
print "Your name is ". $name . “.”;
print “You are “. $age .” years old.”;
print “You have “. $eye .” eyes.”;

i did his tutorial exactly just to see if it would work…

the php just outputs the info in the quotes…