Passing data from parent swf to child swf

hi guys,

I have written a class to load external SWFs into the parent SWF using the loader class. What i wish to do, is to set up a function to pass data to the child SWF.

Currently, I have the following issues:

I want to be able to pass the data to a function, but only have the data passed to the child SWF once it has completed loading (if it hasn’t been loaded yet).

Also, I need the child SWF to be able to detect when data is passed so that it can act accordingly.

Currently, I have the following:

-To detect the change, the loader class must dispatch an event and have the child swf listen for the event.

-To wait for the oncomplete, i’d need to listen for the onComplete event. But how does one wait until the onCompleteEvent before doing something?

Any ideas and input appreciated.

Cheers :slight_smile: