Passing MC in Function Paramter? EVAL?

hi guys,i got this movieclip called mfInfoPop and in it i have dynamic textfields html enabled called info1 - info5.

I have it set up as a hyperlink with an asfunction and what i’m doing since asfunction only accepts 2 parameters, is i’m passing in the function name and 4 paramters.

I take those 4 parameters, and i array split them. One of the parameters i’m passing is the name of the textfield that was clicked on. so basically, in the function variables[0] (after the split) includes info5. I want to be able to change the text in the function

however, eval(“mfInfoPop.” + variables[0]).htmlText = “blahblah”;

doesn’t work and neither does

this[“mfinfoPop.” + variables[0]].htmlText = “blah blah.”

i did a trace on the object and the result was _level0.mfInfoPop.info5

anyone know how i can pass the info5 textfield, and change the text of it in the asfunction??

Thank you for any clues, tips, or answers.