Passing Parameter to .exe file (external)

Hello ever one, it’s been a very long time. i’m glad to be back.
guys i have a question, if anyone could help i would be more than thankfull.

here it is:

I have a .exe file (it is a player) i need to pass a parameter to this player so it could play a specific file ( the parameter is the name of this specific file ).

now what i do in windows is

[COLOR=DarkOrange]Start>run ( <full-path-to-.exe-file><space><parameter> )[/COLOR]

now that works perfictly on windows.

what i need is to be able to start this application ( the player ) and pass the parameter to it, all through a flash button (from the flash player )

I think i made it as clear as possible. I need help in this guys, so please do…