Passing values from php to flash 5

Hi, can someone please help me. I need to know how to get my graphical PHP counter’s value from PHP into flash 5.


you have to do a loadVars() from Flash, perhaps with a get to your php page.

in php, you have to use the print command to p*** the variable to flash. You should also do your . urlencode() on your print statement.

I’m probably not going to be much F-in’ help, but maybe you can translate this into PHP…I’m using ASP. If you want to transfer values…you can use either LoadVariables() or you could stick those dynamic values in the query string of of the Flash “src”. It’s whatever…could even use fscommand or XML them in. Personally, I enjoy using XML, but who cares what I think, right? :stuck_out_tongue: Not that I was much help here, aye?

If it’s one or two values…you could just attach them to the query string…kinda like this…

src=“wurd.swf?action=<% Response.write myVariable %>”

Of course this is ASP spitting out what variable to use. I don’t know (nor care) what PHP uses, but I think you could translate it.

Well, hope this helped…if not…man, sorry.

Careful Inigo, loadVars is Flash MX.

About your question, did you check the tutorial on this site?

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