Passing variables from 1 html to another

I was just wondering what would be the “best” way to pass a variable that’s in a swf to another swf located in another html.

something like index.swf embed in index.html and sends a value to a variable to index1.swf embed in index1.html.

What I’m trying to achieve is have a user select the language he wants, plays the rest of the swf and when it reaches the last frame it does something like

//this is the last frame of splash.swf
if (language == "fr") {    
    _root.container.loadMovie("about.swf"); //_root is on index.swf
    _root.getLanguage(language); //passes the value to a variable in a function
else if (language == "eng") {

so that works perfectly when splash.swf is loaded into index.swf but now I want the same result but having splash.swf and index.swf on different html