Passing variables from one movie to another


I have three HTML pages. Each contains a Flash 5 movie.

If I am on page one, I want to be able to hit a button in the movie and move to page two and start the page two movie playing from the start.

However, if I am on page three and hit a button in the page three movie to go back to page two, I want the page two movie to start at frame towards the end of the movie.

So, my problem is that I need to be able to use getURL to get the new HTML page and then pass some kind of variable to the movie on page two, so that it knows where to start.

I have tried using getURL with a ? and then appending a frame label to denote where I want the page two movie to start and I can get this all to work under IE6, but I can’t get it to work under NN4.6

My JavaScript knowledge is pretty limited so I don’t know what the problem is.

Has anyone got any bright ideas, or ideally a perfect solution that they can point me to?

Thanks :-\

The problem’s with Netscape not with your code.

Thanks JSK for getting back so quickly

Reading the link you gave, the problem seems to be with NN ver 6, but I’m testing on 4.6 and I’m not sure, but I think the LiveConnect was working with that version.

Still, I think that given all these issues, and they look pretty nasty, I might just give it a miss, unless anyone esle out there has a great solution just waiting to be shared.

Thanks again for the speedy reply

John :slight_smile: