Passing variables via URL

ok, i posted something like this earlier adn then thought it fixed itself. turns out it didn’t.
i have a movie that loads in swfs based on a variable “pID”. this works just fine, BUT for some reason it works in two different ways if you just type in the url or COPY PASTE it works great the site functions like it’s supposed to.(when you go down to the bars at the bottom a menu should come up and the flash movie should pause). NOW try clicking on a link to the same page. (now the menu doesn’t pause the swf and you can’t load in new swfs from the menu. WTF
also. if you load in just a jpg by clicking this link you have the same problem but now you can load in other swfs but they still don’t pause.

if anyone has any ideas i would be most happy, i know it’s hard to determine problems like this with out viewing any code.