I dunno, with summer around and being temporarily off work, I’ve become very bored. So, I’ve developed some games involving the compouter to play:

1. Random Word Search
It’s stupider than it sounds. I programmed my self a random word generator, and I keep hitting the “Generate!” Button untill it randomly creates a real word. So far, it’s generated dad, fart, and chime.

2. Trick the Translator
Inspired by a book I have, that inside says “out of sight, out of mind” translated into russian and back by a computer becomes “invisible maniac”. Well, I tried that and it came back “from the sighting, from the reason” ( same phrase in other languages:

Chinese: Stemming from sight, outside brains
*Dutch: *from face, opinion
French: out of the sight, of the spirit
German: from sight from understanding out
Greek: from the view, from the brain
Italian: from sight, the mind
Japanese: From vision from heart
Korean: From mind from spectacle
Portuguese: it are of the sight, it are of the mind
Spanish: outside Vista, the mind

This raises a good question: what the fcuk? ([size=1]¿qué la cogida?..**was das Bumsen?..etc)[/size]
[size=1][size=2]3. MSN Maniac[/size][/size]
[size=1][size=2]Simply put, one of my friends and I take on seperate roles in a conversation with someone only one of us knows, and pretend to be (as in one case) the ghosts of summer’s past & presesnt. All the while speaking code in the conversation, using another program of partially my making to talk to each other within the conversation, serving two purposes: **1. **It confuses the hell out of the other people/person [/size][/size]2.[size=1][size=2] We can exchange ideas and so on and so forth.[/size][/size]

[/size][/size][size=1][size=2]translates to:
this would be an example of such code

there are a few other games, and I’ll remember them later.

What kind of things do you lot do when you’re bored on the computer.[size=1]

-driving around in my moms car if its there (bigger than my VW Golf, and she pays for the gas)
-adding stuff to my footer game
-programming other things
-learning Java
-visiting forums (especially Kirupa) and hit the refresh button 10 times a second to see -new posts
-helping people in forums,
-battling (didn’t do that for a long time - I could start a photoshopbattle btw)
-go out running (I always do that if I’m extremely borded and even my telly and my PC abandon me)
-randomly insulting people around me (I always do that when I’m extremely bored the second day in row and I got sore muscles from the first day of boredom)

…and if I am more than extremly bored, I answer on threads like this one

wow, and i thought i was bored.

I watch paint dry when I am bored :asleep:

Is that MS Paint ? :stuck_out_tongue: