Password problems

I was looking at the password tutorial here, but it doesn’t let me do exactly what I want to happen. I want the password to control the frame the movie goes to rather then text being displayed elsewhere. If the password is incorrect, I want it to go to a frame, whereas if it’s correct, I want it to go to a different frame when a button is pressed, like in the tutorial. :puzzle:



Well I know that, but I need it to go to a certain frame depending on whats in the input box :-\

Can you show the code you have?

Well, THIS is the code from the tutorial. Any variations I try to make really dont work >_<

[AS]password = inputName

if (password == “kirupa”) {
inputStatus = “Access granted!” ;
} else {
inputStatus = “Access denied!” ;

Theres then a button that goes to a specific frame and displays either of these messeges, but this is NOT what I want, and I cant figure out how to do it the way I want it to work, as stated above. :hangover:

Can you show me the link to the tutorial?

Replace the code on the button located in the first frame:

on (release) {
	password = inputName;
	if (password == "kirupa") {
	} else {

I tried that, but how does it activate then? O.o

Wait, hold on >_<

Aha, I got it! Thanks! :beer: