Path problem


I got a problem regarding the path.
I’ve followed the script as suggested in Kirupa tutorials while designing a flash form.
My form movie clip is at:_root.form
But when I am using
its not going into the next frame where the mail reciept text is, but the form functionility is working fine.

Hey!!..I got the same problem here.
I wish we could all find an aswer to this. Seeking all over the forum I couldn´t find a solution to this kind of “send button” thing…Can´t the author of the tutorial give us a hand???

What fails is the second procedure.

1).- Send mail - (variables are sent, mail is recieved ok)
2).- Send button works great at _root but fails inside a movieclip. The data is constantly “tranfering” and no “next frame” event is called.

Thanks in advance! :wink: