Path to mc in mailform

This should be an easy one for you all. But obviously not for me :wink:

Got a mailform and sending the data to a PHP file with this

[AS]on (press) {
loadVariablesNum(“mailform.php”, 0, “POST”);

now the problem is that the form is in a mc ( mc_form ) and I can´t figure out how to write the code so that it matches that path.

Any ideas


edit have tried this as level and target but no cigar.

did you try something like [AS]on (press) {
YOURMC.loadVariablesNum(“mailform.php”, 0, “POST”);

Yes I tried that but to my suprise no go I´ll post the fla here so you can see

Here it is

The problem isn´t really sending the mail it gets sent but the response from the PHP back to tell the user that everything is OK isn´t working and I figured it is thanks to the loadVar

Correct me if I´m wrong

I don’t know these things and i don’t kow PHP but don’t you have to use the sendAndLoad command ?

I´ve used this before but only with the form in level0 and it works fine, I just have to figure out the correct path to the MC that contains the form.

So no send and load is recuired in the flashform.

Any ideas? Awfully quiet here tonight?
Brrr it´s cold to be in the freezer…:wink: