Can anyone here point me in the right direction for having a character walk around an object?

Attached is my best attempt after numerous tries.

I’m basically using hitTest on a bunch of little nodes that define my area the object should move around.

Each node tells the object to move a certain ammount until the object is clear of the nodes, and the object goes where I originally clicked. Problem is, my method sucks and the object gets stuck most of the time.

I’m trying for the functionality of a point-and-click graphic adventure game.

Thanks. its somewhere on the menu there ; D

Hmmm. Tile-based, but interesting all the same. I might have to re-think my methods. Lots of other goodies on that site, too. Thanks for the link.

there is a book called flash MX game design demystified that talks about the A* algothrim thats used for pathfinding, u might wanna check that book out

Yeah, I saw that book on Amazon. I’ll have to go check it out at a bookstore. Thanks.

Now if they only had “Building a Lucasarts-Style Graphic Adventure: For Dummies”, I’d be set. :slight_smile: