Pause movie clips?

hi all, just wanted to know is there a way to pause all the movie clips except 1 in a scene. Coz i want a scene where everything is playing and when an action occurs to a movie clip, it continues playing but pauses the rest halfway through their animations…

There is a thread on this somewhere here, i bet it was / should’ve been moved to the “best of”, try to find it there…

Oh, yeah it SHOULD HAVE BEEN posted there, but I don’t think it was. I’ll try and find it.\r\rpom 0]

one tactic is to stop everything, and then restart the movie you want to continue playing.\r\rassuming all your movies are in _root, we can use a for in loop:

 \r\rfor(m in _root){\r\r   _root[m].stop();\r\r}\r\;

\rthere’s probably more than just movies in _root (even in a programmatic sense), and this is sending the stop method everything but won’t really do any harm.

Would this still work in MX, with something like this :

  for(m in _root){\r\r   _root[m].onEnterFrame = null ;\r\r}

pom 0] \r

Have every clip check a pause flag at the root level, and set the flag when you hit the pause button.\r\r

 \r\ronClipEvent(enterFrame) {\r\r  if(_root.pauseFlag==true) {\r\r    this.stop();\r\r  }\r\r}\r\r

\r\rHOHO, talk about murder on CPU time. :evil: