Pausing animation tute?

Was that really necessary?
The same goes for the new mask tutorial. The ones Kirupa did for Flash 5 are 2000 times better than this one :-/

I agree, if any tutorial on pausing was needed, it would be using setInterval or getTimer() to create a delayed type of pause. play() and stop() are way too basic IMO.

…and old!

Those functions were being used ever since Flash 4. Maybe 3 and earlier even, who knows (I started by using 4).

I thought they would be good introductory tutorials for FMX2004. There was no tutorial on masks for MX2004, so I felt that it would go there. About the Pause thing, getTimer() probably would have been better, but the pause() function seems to achieve a similar effect that isn’t too complicated.

In the future, I will try to urge writers to use more recent techniques :slight_smile: