Pausing audio and movie clips

This pausing audio thing has become alot more complicated. And I hope you can understand my explanation. I’ve read all the forums and most people seem to be importing the audio into the content page but in what I have to do the audio is completely external from the content page. The audio only gets imported into the interface when the page is loaded. This is problem number 1.

And too make matters worse within the content page there is movie clips of animations running on the main timeline.
So really what i need to know is there any way that I can pause the audio, the content page and the movie clips within the content. And then is there any way that I can tell all these elements to start from the exact position that paused the audio.

I hope this make some sense to you and if you help me I would be very grateful…

Thanks to MX, you can load MP3 dynamically (see tute Loading techniques). And concerning that pause thing, there are a few interesting methods of the sound object. Check the AS dictionary, and post back if you still don’t see the light :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

In addition, be sure to load your MP3’s as events versus streaming. You cannot “pause” a streaming sound object. In other words, when you define the sound object:

myMusic = new Sound(myMusicMc);
myMusic.loadSound(“sample.mp3”, false)

In the above example, “myMusic” is the instance name of your sound object.

“MyMusicMc” is the instance name of a movie clip (usually an empty clip) to which you associate your sound object. This association will allow you to stop the loaded sound independent of the other sounds that may be playing (which would be associated with other mc’s).

The “false” indicates that it is not streaming.