Paypal - ecommerce question?

not sure if this is the correct forum but it seems as good as any other:

i have been asked to build a site for a small local business thats sells cut crystal and they want to sell online, they say they want to use paypal to make transactions but i am clueless to how this will work with the pages i make - for example, if i make a page of 12 items in dreamwever (lets call it cut crystal in the shape of buildings) how do i connect this up to paypal? is it possible to do it this way?

I mean, its very important that people should be able to actually see what they are buying (hence the site in dreamweaver with the photos) am i making sense?

posted this on many forums over the last two months but no one seems to know how to do this and some say it is not possible so I come to you people for help.

Thank you

yes it’s possible. i just did an ecommerce site using paypal. all you have to do is go to and read the instructions. it’s easy…

go into your paypal account and go into the merchant section.

i recently just added this exact thing to my online store, Just read alittle to get fimilar with it. Under the merchant tools in the “control panel” it says something like “add a button” or something like that

Be sure to also check out IPN - Instant Payment Notification. Very useful - it can automate the process a lot.

thanks guys. I thought it would be possible, I just need to work out how to conect it all to the pages I have made in dreamweaver.