PC and MAC compatibility issues

Plz, if u have relevant info on this matter, links, past cases, etc, share it plz :slight_smile:

www.ingreme.com - the site is up and running and it goes smooth in PC’s using explorer 6 and flash 7.0 player. In Mac (that’s one more reason to hate them O_o jk) it has strange and weird bugs. If u enter first time, no text and no pre loading… if u close explorer and go again it goes nice but pre-loaders bars go nuts… this is very weird and all help we can get at this point is VERY welcome.

The site is beeing coded by res.solutions (www.res.solutions.pl) by the way :wink: they are doing an awsome job so far, but this issue has to be fixed fast and we are trying to use all foruns that we know of.

Thanks for any info on this,
Rui Romano