Pc browser vs mac browser problems

My flash movie takes up the whole screen on a MAC and doesn’t on a PC. It looks really small. first of all, I want the movie to be scalable but I want it to show up smaller than it does on a MAC. All i have on the source code is “width=100%” “height=100%” what the hell should I do?
also, I want to make the first page animation a separate flash movie, then load another URL so people don’t have to see the first page over and over again. how do you make it so when the first animation ends, the next URL window pops up? any ideas guys?
thanks for your help, anyone.

getURL(“http://www.yourdomain.com”, _parent);

Put this in the last frame of your animation:

getURL("http://www.yourdomain.com", _self);

Or do some crazy META redirect with a well-calculated timer…