Peasant Quest!

It’s finally done!

It’s a graphical text adventure in the style of the original sierra adventure games, (ie, kings quest, space quest, quest for glory…)

But it’s about [email protected] :smiley:

trogdor burninated all your goods and services. haha… that was the best line ever

Oh God, I’m not going to get any work done today!

don’t get frustrated and type die

“For Simplicity’s sake, you are immune to hunger and thirst in this game, so you’ve got that going for ya”

“You don’t stink like a peasant, look like a peasant and you’re not on fire like a peasant”.


Man this thing is pretty deep. I just burn-a-nated the last 45 mins on the friggin thing.

im stuck in the first part :stuck_out_tongue: I suck in this type of games

and I’m laughing my *** off :lol:

note to self: wave arms wildly!

A couple of dogs playing: Magic, the Nerdening


Okay, I’ll stop spoiling now :frowning:

YES PLEASE! THANKS EL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: j/k I need to know how to pass the first knight :smiley: (yea I suck I know) any tips? :smiley:

woohoo! I did it! :smiley: actually i dont, I need to be a peasant first :frowning:

Lol. I can’t get enough of the humor!! I love games like this.

Its a whole world man. Move around with the arrow keys

Grah! I just spend almost an hour on it and it got me nowhere! I can’t find out what to do (except for a bunch of little, not-important and not-fulfilling one of those tree things-stuff) :m:

crap, Im losing my day on this game…

closes window :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here. I’m just gonna wait untill someone else finds it lol :smiley:

who should I say haldo to?

No idea. Every time I tried to, it said: “That’s so not … Dogolnev” or whatever.

this game is hard :frowning:

walk through up:

This doesn’t get you a perfect score though. It’s just the basics. try talking to people with funny combos for other “side quests” (like the naked guy behind the tree)

Just finished, no walkthrough, great stuff! It’s just like the old days, I had no trouble, accept getting the arrow shooting down. :p: Those guy’s rock ober there at homestarrunner, where do they find the time…

Haha, I finished it as well now… :lol: