People Who Make Text Wit Sounds!

can somebody give me the website for a tutorial. what i want to do is type my this wesley’s website but i want each letter to appear right when u hear a gun shot so it looks like i shot the letter there. if anyone knows where i can get a tutorial or they make the text and post the script that would be great tnkz.

Well I’m short on time but I want to help, you should be able to understand this:

  1. Download sound file of gunshot
  2. In flash, click file >import
  3. Find your gunshot sound (unzipped)
  4. Open library, right click on the sound, go to properties
  5. Change compression to MP3 in the drop down box
  6. Create animation of the letters appearing (I’m assuming you know this)
  7. On the (key)frame that a letter appears, open the sound panel, and select your sound from the drop down
  8. Repeat for all letters

This should help. Please reply if you have questions

Word of warning with this - you may have to increase the gap between letters appearing, depending on how long the sound is. Otherwise you could end up with overlapping sounds, or sound in the wrong places.