Percentage following loadbar progress

Hello all!
I’ve searched the forum for a thread about the percentage display following the progress of the loadbar like the image attached but i didn’t find anything. If someone can point me to something similar it would be great !

Thanks and happy new year !



pressie. This is for creatig a complete website but there is a bit on % pre-loader in there as well. You should be able to work out how to do it from this.

…the answer may be in the links given, but I can also suggest using getBounds to find the edge of your loading bar and just setting the text to that position. It can be even easier depending on how the bar is set up.

Maybe, i wasn’t very clear in my previous post. I did know these tut’s :slight_smile: . What i want is that the percentage slides with the bar as they are friends going hands in hands, eeh :crazy:

Too late, didn’t see your post senocular, your answer sounds like wath i’m looking for, if it doesn’t bother you and if you have anytime, could provide me a link or explain me how to do with ’ getBounds’
Thanks :slight_smile:

read the help explanation on it first, try it out a little bit and if you’re still confused, come back and I’ll explain it in some more detail :wink:

ok, i’m warming my brain up :wink: and let you know if needed
Thanks !

I don’t think you really need get bounds.

If your loadbar clip has it’s registration point set to the far left then you can find the end of the clip by using it’s _x position then adding the _width of the clip at the end.

Check my attachment to see what I mean.

thats the ‘easier’ method I mentioned :slight_smile:
…which would be better off a) since you (Ubik) dont know getBounds and b) the preloader pictured works with it :smiley:

eh eh, now i’m a bit confused,
indeed i don’t know getBounds, and i’m a bit lost with your code lostinbeta, i don’t know how to use it(still beginning at the begin with AS, but one day i’ll understand!).

Here it is, tried getBounds so i converted my dynamic text to a movieclip but what i’m not able to do is to ‘say’ dynamictxt.getBounds correspond to the progress of loadbar, is it someting with a variable or … ?
Sorry for the mess guys … :sigh:


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*Originally posted by Ubik *
**Maybe, i wasn’t very clear in my previous post. I did know these tut’s :slight_smile: . What i want is that the percentage slides with the bar as they are friends going hands in hands, eeh :crazy: **
Oups, my bad, I didn’t get that :pa:

And by the way, I suppose that Sen wanted you yo use getBounds on the bar, not on the text :slight_smile:

hey thanks ilyas,
I tried to put this on the loadbar clip [AS] onClipEvent (load) {
this.getBounds(loadtext._x) ;
but it’s not working, in fact i know my code looks like nothing but i don’t know how to tell the loadtext follow the bounds, if you can give me some hints, it would be nice,
Sorry for bad english, french speaking also :beam:

En français? Pourquoi pas :stuck_out_tongue:

All you got to do is write the algorithm:
on each new frame, you need to:

  1. get the right bound of the bar
  2. set the position of the clip containing the text at that position
    end of the loop

And you should definitely check the AS dictionary to understand how to use getBounds :slight_smile:

Yes !!
I got it working, thanks ilyas !
oh, and the french translation of flash isn’t always that clear, don’t know what if you have it in french but sometimes it reminds me my courses of philosophy when you have to concentrate on one single phrase for about 15 min to understand it !:stuck_out_tongue:

Certainement plus facile en anglais ! Bien le bonjour de chez nous ! :beer:

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