Perhaps A simpla Question...Flash Components


First of all i am a new member to your comunity and therefore i would like to say hi :slight_smile: . I would also like to thank you for the excelent help you provide and keep up the good work.

As i am new in flash development

I have a quick question that i am not entirely certain of.

I have created a web site that contains some flash components.
I upload all the files temporarily to my server and everytime i load the page i have to click once to all the flash components in order to enable them.

I test all my files on this server but when the page is completed i will upload it on a valid webserver.

Could you please tell me why does this happen. Am i missing some plugin? I think that i have all the necessary. Or is just the servers fault and when i upload the page to the actual valid webserver everything will work fine? Meaning that the user will not have to click on every flash component once in order to enable them.

ps. in order to view the page i use Iexplorer 7, if i open it using Mozile Firefox for example, everything works fine and i dont have to click on every flash component. However in firefox the page does not appear correctly as in iexplorer 7 (i am working on it).

Here is the link of the page that i am currently working on:

Thanks in advance for your time