Perl vs PHP Encryption

To begin with, I’m an amateur at “scripting” and far from the best but I’m finding Perl a bit easier for what I’m about to do as to PHP.
I have an admin section on our website that I’m planning on re-writing in Perl–is in PHP currently and the main question I have is about password encryption. Currently it uses PASSWORD_BCRYPT and the option I’ve found for Perl is the Crypt function. Or, is there another option for encryption I might need to give thought to? The passwords are stored in a MySql db. Changing from one encryption to the other will be no problem.
Thank you,

Hi @typomaniac - I am not an expert on Perl or PHP, so take everything I say with a dose of skepticism :stuck_out_tongue:

This article, at a glance, seems to summarize all the options available: 10 things: The most useful Perl modules for cryptography and authentication | TechRepublic

Do any of these ring a bell in your experience for being more secure?