Persistent Shared Objects

the good news: i’ve got the SO working!:slight_smile:
my problem is that i’m overwriting the original SO each time i save to it :puzzle:
here are my proto functions:

interfaceClass.prototype.saveLSO=function(){ //saves color set vars to local shared object (cookie) on disk	
	this.myN="gamecookie";  //name of cookie file
	this.myLSO = SharedObject.getLocal(this.myN); = _level0.saveArray;     //saving array to LSO value: colorSet	
	this.myLSO.flush(); }						  //saves LSO to disk

	trace("loadLSO");;  } //sets saveArray to contents of LSO 	   

i know i should do some kind of test, but the way to do it eludes me–can anybody
help me out on this one?

muchas grabas,