Personal Non-Flash Site Check

I know there is another thread about this a few pages down, but it was about the flash version that I scrapped. I’ve also added most of the text for the sections that I have so please browse around and give everything a click and a look.


Is your middle initial really A? That’s awesome, your e-mail address is exactly your name with the @ as the A. I love that. It’s so cool! I wish I had that. :frowning:

Anyway, it looks great. I love the colours, and the fonts, and everything… The only constructive criticism I can think to give you is that a few of your lists (especially on the voices and education pages) are full of really short items, and it might be more visually appealing if you could use the whole width of the content area, as opposed to having it just go down one side. Maybe two or three columns instead of just the one. You might also have a rollover image for the “images” text on the polaroid, so that it gets darker when you mouse over it, like the other links on the left.

I still can’t get over your e-mail address. I’m gonna have to get me one of those.


Yes my middle name is Anthony. I never realised that the a in @ could stand for my initial. But maybe in an effort to look all knowing and cool I’ll jsut tell you I knew that.

I agree that a few pages are long and don’t take up the full width, but As soon as I get into the studio to put my voice down on audio, I’ll have click to listen links next to those. I had them taking up the ful width before, but then then length of the page seems to short.

Good call on the images roll over. Ps. i just added a new image of my from little kid days when I had super white hair. Gotta love the cropped shirt at armpits too!

Awwww… if you were a girl, I’d call you Britney Spears. Gotta love shirts that don’t make it to your boobs. :sure:

looks good, fix: “I’m skilled with computer and can…” in your story, hard to brag about yourself with mistakes in the text :wink:



and just after that: “setting up AND office network”

I thought I fixed those… Thanks for finding them again. I can great with text and cans computers!

:slight_smile: its always the stupid things that people miss. nice site.

I like the site but I feel that it is a little too unclear in some parts.

For instance, under your education you have hobbies and interests. What are the numbers next to them supposed to be? Maybe I missed that somewhere which would be embarassing on my part but I don’t see any key as to what they would mean. Is it how good you are at a cale of 1-10 or is it how many years you’ve done those things? If this is for a potential employer, won’t they be asking the same thing unless it’s glaringly obvious?

I think alot of your sections (job, education, facts and lived) could be condensed into one page as a resume type of deal; to give it one click and then a readthrough.

The phone number on the menu kind of messed me up the first time I looked at it too.

I like the colors you use and I like your menu. I also like some of the design you have up under artwork. While I feel that you aren’t quite finished yet with it, you are getting there.