PETITION - for MacroMedia to widen support


It might interest you all to know that macromedia is dragging their feet in providing support of a large and growing niche of computer users …

The Flash Player is not ported to LinuxPPC OS versions at this time, but it is for the Linux i586 OS (intel)…

There are Only two ways to fix / accomplish this:

  1. for MM gives up the source code so the open source community can engineer a workable package :sure: (which they won’t, and who could blame them)
  2. MM Creates the porting of Flash themselves (the EZ route as they have their own Linux~savvy team, in-house)

Why should this matter to any of You ?::
As Flash developers / developers to be, it would be prudent to support any cause that furthers acceptence of flash as a standard medium for internet content thereby squashing more complaints and critiques about flash being an annoyance on the web.

…This is good for MacroMedia (marketShare)…it is good for all…
([size=1]and this is not about whether you like Apple or not so please, no flames[/size])

from the petition::

[size=1]To:_ Macromedia, Inc.

In recent years, Linux has grown in popularity and has been expanded to run on Apple PowerPC-based machines. Macromedia does not currently support the growing number of Linux users on PowerPC systems, which is evident by Macromedia’s lack of a Linux/PPC version of the Flash Player.

With the growing popularity of Flash on the Internet, it has become a necessity to have the Flash Player installed. Many sites have adopted Flash for such things as product demos, web-based games, and comedic movies. These things have become a vital part of the Internet, and without them, the full experience can never be met. Without the inclusion of the Flash Player for Linux/PPC, many of us are unable to benefit from the full experience of certain web sites, while “Flash-only” sites are rendered useless.

One of the largest complaints about Linux/PPC from users is the lack of the Flash Player, and many potential users aren’t willing to make the switch until the Flash Player is available for Linux/PPC.

We the undersigned, urge you to consider releasing a Linux/PPC version of the Macromedia Flash Player, for the sake of existing and future Linux/PPC users.


The Undersigned …

Note: the petition requires an email address for validation prposes to ensure qualified signors… and one only “no response necessary” email is sent (reply to it only to kill the vote)

…also, the porting of a flash authoring app for linux is another issue…