Petition to bring back Cool Sites forum back

Hey fellow kirupians,

I did talk about bringing back the Cool sites forum that existed before v3 was installed to Kirupa. Since no one really contributed to it (i remember it was only kirupa that posted) it was closed down. But this was even before i knew who was 2ad and everything about design now and I would like a show of hands to bring it back so we can persuade Kirupa. The forum would basically be inputting new websites out there that are outstanding or very creative in terms of design. It shouldnt hold any current known websites already but new ones coming out day by day. We can also then discuss why its good and pros and cons about it. It would be a good way for all of us to discuss new ways of design or what this and that has been created. That way, it may serve us to give us some what, juice to boost our morale up to know we can make something nice ourselves.

Show your hands via the vote but i know for sure i would try and be a regular contributor to it.

Thanks for your input.