Photo Album..of simultaneous display

Hello Please help. I dont know whether this is the best way to tackle this but i have created four movieClip image holders ‘picHolder1’ ‘picHolder2’…

… i have the following AS to get the HTTP of the images to load in

 ////you experimental monkey!!
 loadText = new loadVars();
 loadText.onLoad = function()
 	pichold = [picholder0, picholder1, picholder2, picholder3];
 	for (var i=0; i<=3; i++)
 		var URL = this["filmid"+i];
 		pichold*.loadMovie("../photos/" + this["picFile"+i]); // this works
 		pichold*.onPress = function () {
 		    getURL("../browsing/BrowseFilm.php?id=" + URL, "_self");// this doesn't 

The photo’s load but i cant get the URL link to work. Previously i used transparent buttons but that was messy. However even then the value of the url was always set to the last URL set i.e. what should have been unique to picHolder4 was the url value for each picHolder#.

Please help … creating onPress events, or finding a new way… cheers