[photo] Denver Zoo

On vacation, we went to the Denver Zoo. I love this zoo, but they really distance the viewers from the animals in most cases. So with that in mind, and the equipment I have, I’m pretty happy with the shots I got. I’m really proud of a few of them. I’ll wait for some comments before I reveal which ones to avoid any bias. Comments welcome as always. =)


Nice pics! I love the ones of the polar bear and the molting one rocks aswell.

What kind of unit do you have?

wow those are great, very professional looking:)

I hope so or else he’ll be living on the streets in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re all nice, my favorite was Rhino Snake, it is awesome :slight_smile:
The only way it could have been any better was if the Depth of Field was just a tad bit wider. Top notch work though, amazing shots :slight_smile:

very nice job! my favorites are the rhino snake and the polar bear #2 as well…

Really nice pics unflux! I like the polar bear ones the most :slight_smile:

Lazy Lions 04 and Basking are my favorites. Very nice!

i think i like the first lizard one the best

I like the Flamingos the best :smiley:

Your kids must have loved the Zoo huh? Great stuff!

ah **** the filter here at work says its sex related and won’t let me see it!! **** filters!!!

Nice shots Unflux. are you a photographer also ?
I love them all.

What cameran did u use by the way !

lol, I get that too sometimes. I actually got pulled into the office by my boss asking if I’d been trying to look at p0rn!

Great pics! The polar bear pics are nice, and the peacock pics have some great detail.

Hmm, maybe it’s the peacock that tripped up your filter…

lol i bet it was that blasted peacock hehe

Where ya get that album? Home made? Looks awesome!

I was at the zoo last summer. I had some pics, but none looked as nice as yours.

Great Pics Bryan!!

wow, thanks for all the comments everyone! I’m really glad you all like them. I took more than 350 shots on the trip, mostly at the zoo. It was a great day. :beam:

Since a couple of you asked, I’m using a Nikon 880. For what it is, it is a wonderful camera and I love it. I got it as my first “real digital” to get into it. Now I take so many shots all the time, the camera is actually limiting what I can do. So I’m saving my pennies to get a D70. :thumb:

Yeldarb - I agree, although I was handcuffed by the glass window he was behind. The snake was aaaaaaaaaall the way left and behind the partition a bit, so that was the most of him I could get in the lens. I’m still happy with it though. :slight_smile:

mdipi - yes, the kids loved it! At least my oldest one did. She was so excited to see the elephants ALL DAY. I didn’t include any pics of them in the album because they weren’t very well done. I really only took them for memories.

Here’s one of her watching the elephants walking around:

Max - homemade :wink:

Behmoth-Dan - pretty good, not bad. The flamingos one is really nice. Just need to tighten up the framing a bit. Really nice colors. =)

Thanks again for the all the comments everyone!