Photo Gallery PROBLEMS?


im having a problem with the photo gallery tutorial:
my problem is that the buttons i make overlap the pictures…

can anyone PLEASE help me? its getting very frustrating…

you can

download my files to view them and see what i did wrong.

THANK YOU in advance

btw, im new with flash:-\

Very simple solution here. Now, for some reason editing the registration point does not work for me, but people say it works… :-\

Well so we will do this my way. Just click on your black square movie clip (where your pics load) and draw it up and to the left some so it is offset to its original location. Now test your movie, you will see that the place the images load in is moved!

thanks so much lostinbeta,

but now that i tried it with my own pictures…

the buttons overlap again…not only that but the pictures do not seem to fit into the movie clip? :frowning:

heres my new set of files that you can view:

thank you so much!

if anyone else has any suggestions please join in :slight_smile:

The images are larger than your stage. Go to Modify/Document and change the size so your images fit, you can also make it big enough so that there is a little extra room for your buttons.

The pics wont load right into your movie clip, your movie clip is just there to attach the pic to with loadMovie. You could have an empty movie clip there if you wanted instead of a square.

but my stage is set at 550x400px

and the pictures are 420x318??

sorry but im a newbie…

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hmm, very odd. Flash is automatically resizing your images.

I have no clue what is up there.

dang. thanks anyway…

anyone else have any suggestions?

Well here is a work around…

Add this to the very bottom of the actionscript… = 100; = 100;

Adjust the numbers to change the size of the picture to what you want.

thanks anyway:) i got it to work…somehow…

Well congrats :slight_smile:

ty, btw i like your sig…is there a tutorial on how to do something similar to that? :slight_smile:

My sig is done using this…

I just had it follow the _xmouse only and I used if statements to keep the picture from flying off the edge of the screen.

i have one more question that i hope you can answer…

with kirupas photogallery…can i have a something that says “loading” between switching photos…because for some people it takes a while to load.

i thought the preloader in the beggining would preload EVERYTHING but i guess not.


Good question. I don’t know how to do that, but I do believe it is possible (not 100% sure, but I think it is).

The preloader in the beginning will load the content contained in the movie, not that is dynamically loaded.

would you know of any tutorials of how to just add the pictures inside the movie itself so it doesnt have to dynamically load?

because on 56k it takes RIDICULOUSLY long to load each picture…

Well putting it inside the movie itself would make the whole movie take ridiculously wrong right?

Well if it comes to it, you can create one layer with your buttons

add a nextFrame() action to the forward button and a prevFrame() action to the back button.

Then in another layer, add an image per frame, each frame with a stop action.

The most simplest way to make a gallery :slight_smile:

nice work beta-x…:slight_smile:

basically my photos arnt appearing…every thing is loading cept the photos…i threough in one of the tuturial pics and that one loads off from where it shoudl…kinda weird…i thought the photos would load where the movie clip photo is. nways. its here.
click design1 and then the first button in the upper left …
should load up the photogallery movie…
let me know what ya think…why are the pics not laoding…

and what i had to do makes no sense…i had to open the jpg in paintbrush save it there…now it laods up in the movie…
then it was loading it way off to the right even the my phot movie was in a different position…my only guess is that this movie is made for a certain resolution or something…cause mines loading in on 800-600…but i move the photo move way outa the way and when i publish…it loads good…its nice to have a brain.