Photo Gallery Question

Hi to whoever is reading this…

I have a question in regards to the photo gallery. Assuming I use the same exact source as in the Kirupa tutorial, however I change the pictures with my own pictures, and change the code in the “actions” section to match the images that I have on file, (uising the same directory as in the Kirup tutorial), why is it that I am not able to see my pictures, however I am able to see Kirupas pictures? Do I have to make any other changes?

I also tested this by removing one of kirupa’s pictures and saving one of my own as i.e. image1 and when I test the gallery, I still end up seeing kirupas pictures, however when it goes to image1, It simply has a white background. Does anyone know if I have to make any other changes?

Thank you!:-\

sounds like your jpegs are saved in a progressive format (or something). be sure to save them as a baseline jpegs, otherwise flash can’t import them.

Thank you very much! I didn’t know that we had to import the images into flash, I thought that it would read them directly off of the directory! I appreciate your help!