Photo gallery w/o buttons

Is it possible to create a photo gallery in which images fade in and out without the use of buttons?

I’ve tried manipulating the code but I haven’t had much luck so far - all tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks…

Am I missing something here? I have wondered if there is a simple way of doing this that I’ve not thought of. I have all my images dynamically in an XML document so as far as I know I can’t just do the usual alpha tween between frames.

Try as I might though, I just can’t get the photo gallery tutorial to loop through images without using the buttons.

I’d still be grateful for any ideas on this.


Why don’t you try to setInterval?

pom :asian:


Thanks loads for your reply. I’ve just checked out setInterval up in Flash Help and it looks like this is the way to go!

The only thing I’m unsure about now is whether this technique still fits in with the photo gallery tutorial, or whether I’d be better off starting from scratch?

Either way should work. The good thing is: you have a beautiful code at your disposal. The bad thing is: it’s hard to customize it if you don’t know a bit of AS. AND: I don’t know how setInterval will interact with loadMovie (say you want your photos to fade every 3 seconds, and that they load in 5: normally, you shouldn’t see anything…).

I’ll check that, but you can experiment a little bit on your own with setInterval all the same.

pom :slight_smile: