Photo Gallery

I am still new to Flash and I wanted to create a photo gallery for my website. I followed sbeener’s tutorial, however, only one of my pic’s show up and it is show up in the lower right corner of the screen and is not the whole pic. What am I doing wrong? I have the code frame listed first, in front of the box, my pics are loaded in the “Pics/SDC” folder. Here is what I have in the action script :

this.pathToPics = “Pics/SDC/”;
// fill this array with your pics
this.pArray = [“SDC1.jpg”, “SDC2.jpg”, “SDC3.jpg”

I tried adjusting the movie as well per the tutoral but that did not have any affect. PLEASE HELP!


One other thing, is there anyway to add text to each picture?

Close the ] for a start. If you still have 1 pic only, post your fla.

pom :asian: