Photo gallery

I have a set of thumbnails that Scottae made for me which I want to use for a photo gallery. File “test” attached shows you everything. Number of images will eventually grow. So I have to be able to put them in a scrollable box or any other way possible. When a thumbnail is pressed the actual image will appear like the file from cello that scotty modified it which is here:
I hope good old lunatic follows the rest of this project.
Please help me! Thanks alot.

First of all, Jimhere and Scotty…you 2 are amazing. I was wondering if the refabo2gall.fla has a preloader on the container MC that loads the .jpegs?

I like this photo viewer very much.
I think it will be perfect if catalogs can be showen by dropdown list.
Can anyone teach me to do this?

Hi everyone,
loved what you guys have done for us. When i load some mc say contact.swf it load fine but when i just do another swf that has a simple tween animation and a stop() AS at the end of the animation the other buttons doesn’t work. By other buttons i’m talking about the gallery ones.
1, the gallery buttons all work until i click on the button that launches the simple tween animation with stop() AS. when that happens the buttons no longer work.
I can’t use the Stop() AS? Is that the problem.
2, another problem is that the resize works for the top,left and bottom sides but the right side is off for some of the swfs i’m loading. What is the problem with that?
P.S.some swfs load fine

I’ve been scratching my head for the last 6 hours
Any suggestions.

For snaphappy’s file, how to trace the image path if I put different img into different fold