Photo gallery


I have done the Photo gallery tutorial and the pictures seem to be loading in weird places. How can i make them load in 1 place ??

more detail please.

When i create a movie clip. and then create the photo gallery inside it , it seems to change the place of the clip [size=1]post#13-15[/size] :wink:


And another thing when i put a preloader and a Stop() action the pics dont load.
They are in another movie clip in this 1. Why is this? any way i can change it ?

I think sniper jo deserves the award for having the best unexplained posts. =)

lol, i am sorry
I make a flash document create a moviecilp inside the movie clip i put the photo gallery. It works fine. I then move the frames to frame 10 and put a Stop() command in, For a preloader. Then the gallery does not load the pics.
Why and how do i get over the problem.

Any better ??