Photo move x y values?


I would like to make the backround picture move slightly with X Y values on mouse over - simple sample here (please click “preview”)
I have done the Moving an Object Using X and Y Values tut but do not really know how to change it to my needs.
Perhaps someone could help me out, please? I am sure a nice piece of code fits in here;)

so where can I find that code now? I didn’t see your examples because the .fla arn’t there to download anymore. But what I wanted to know is How can I do a easing of the foto.

the code I used to move my foto is:

// starting position of the bg;
xPos = bg._x;
yPos = bg._y;

// stage/canvas size
canvas_w = 550;
canvas_h = 350;

function moveBg(){
x_bg = xPos;
y_bg = yPos;

xEnd = _xmousexPos / canvas_w;
yEnd = _ymouse
yPos / canvas_h;

bg._x = xEnd;
bg._y = yEnd;

in the bg mc:


can anyone tell me how can I do an easing ?

i’ll add the fla once i find it :slight_smile:

fla. :hugegrin:

thankx for the code ][][][][