Photogallery tutorial question


I am hoping someone here in this forum can assist me in my problem with Kirupa’s photogallery tutorial! This is what I want to do…instead of loading an array full of images…I would like to load SWF’s instead…I tried it and it seemed to work…I would also like a longer pause in between them…and that would be accomplished by manipulating the speed setting correct? Also I want the fade in and fade out to loop and playing without having to hit a key or click the back and foward buttons…I certainly hope someone can help me here…this is driving me CRAZY!!!

Thank you…


Hey Scott,
I’m going to move this to ActionScript; I think the reason you may not have gotten the responses for this question was because you may have placed in a section that the AS visitors don’t frequent :slight_smile:

Kirupa :rambo:

I try to use the flash5 photogalery with only one modification :
this.pathToPics = “”;

But it doesn’t work.

have somebody an idea ?


jeff - you can’t load movies / jpegs from a different domain.

scott -

MovieClip.prototype.fadeIn = function(){
	if( < 100-this.fadeSpeed){ += this.fadeSpeed;
	}else{ = 100;
		this.onEnterFrame = null;
		this.trigger = setInterval(triggerNext,1000);

function triggerNext(){

fadeIn just has the one line added. triggerNext is new. the interval is 1 second in this example. if you don’t want any pause, you can do away with all the trigger stuff and just call changePhoto(1) directly.