Photoshop Crash

Don’t you just hate it when your Photoshop Crashes.

I had a big crash today.


[SIZE=1]ps: help me i’m bored[/SIZE]

wow… your computer must really hate you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah we fight a lot.

We have our “creative differences”, ya know… :smirk:

I thought the blue screen of death looked bad, but that image is terrifying. :!:

simalar things have happend to me… but i see diff. coulds in there…i think you may be tricking us…if not then that sucks!

LOL… yeah that is some PS effects, I thought it would be obvious and easy to tell it was fake (which is was meant to be) and everyone was just playing along.

But you ruined the play man… :scream:

My PS did crash, but it just froze. So I took a screenshot, End Tasked it and reopened it and did that.

oh hahaha, good grief that thing was fake, it was just horrible. =)

I have had Photoshop crash where it left complete white area on my screen where the panels were and the top toolbar was.

Just white, even with the program closed, I had to restart to get rid of it.

That was the worst crash with PS I have had.

i thought it was real until i realized that:

a: i know that you dont have THAT crappy of a computer
b: i know that the black and gray spots look like rendered clouds
c: why could ps give a texture to the whole shown screen…



LOL, it wasn’t supposed to… :stuck_out_tongue:

well u had me for a good 20 seconds…



sign on to aim… do it for the children… for the children…

and so i can talk to you and ask you a few questions…

but mostly for the children…

I can’t, I am leaving in like a minute.

I will be back later :wink: