Photoshop CS and VIDEO

im wondering if somehow, photoshop can display video…im asking because today, i was working on this new avvy for this other site i frequent and i had a movie playing on my computer. that movie i was playing on my pc was being streamed to my tv via Svideo i think, anyways, when i did a print screen, i noticed that when i pasted on phosp, the video screen was there but it was simultaneously playing with what i had playing on MEDIA player.

i thought it was prolly that my computer got slow or something so i saved it like that, closed it, re-opened it and after messing around a bit, i noticed that pshop was working fine. tools werent slow and i could move the moving videeo just like any other item on the pshop canvas.

then i would click a menu item on the dvd and quickly switch back to pshop and it was like the video was playing inside pshop, only difference was that the dvd buttons werent available on pshop