Photoshop hell

Hey All, :smiley:

Wasnt sure which category this would fit under, please feel free to relocate if necessary.

When I was trying to load my photoshop up a few days ago, it did the initial loading but as soon as it was done it closes itself. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting. Nothing has worked, even with the new install it still loads and then closes.

I really hope somebody has some suggestion i can try so i can get my baby back :wink: I need her.


~ Lacuna aka Seretha Blaze :love:

I had a similair problem. I solved it by making a new user profile in windows that didn’t load anything at startup to free up as many resources as possible. I use this profile if I’m working with Flash or Photoshop.

make sure your plugins are good to go. I unistalled any plugins then it worked again. After that I re-installed.